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Dara Hoffman-Fox

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Dara Hoffman-Fox

LPC & Gender Therapist

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Dara Hoffman-Fox



Please note that this service is available only to those residing in the state of Colorado, USA. That’s because, according to Colorado state licensing laws, I can only practice counseling for clients who reside in the state in which I am licensed.

As you can probably tell by now a major part of my counseling practice, as well as my professional life, is devoted to working with and for persons whom identify as transgender and gender diverse, and gender questioning. I also work with loved ones as they attempt to navigate the changes that come along with potential major life changes such as this.

I am a member of WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health).

I see individuals and couples, as well having joint sessions with integral persons in the client’s life (such as a parent, sibling, best friend, etc.). I do not provide services to those under the age of fifteen, nor do I provide “family therapy” (i.e. providing counseling to several members of the client’s family simultaneously). However, I would be able to connect you with transgender-friendly and aware therapists in Colorado who can assist us in these areas.

Although I conduct most of my counseling sessions in my comfy and cozy office in Colorado Springs, we can discuss the options for us to use tele-therapy as an alternative for those who live in rural areas (i.e. phone or internet options).

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