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Dr. Robert Tuchler MD

Plastic Sergeon

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Dr. Robert Tuchler MD



I became triple board certified in general, plastic, and hand surgery. I chose to focus on plastic surgery, my true passion. During a decade in private practice, I was on many hospital committees and was elected to 2 terms as chief of surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center. My talented colleagues, wonderful team, and I strive to do our best every day and deliver personalized care in a comfortable setting. My entire team celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance and inclusion. I am up front with members, and I'll also use my sense of humor to keep you in a positive state of mind. I find it very gratifying that plastic surgery lets me express my artistic side and allows for creative problem solving. If you choose to become my patient, I will review your medical records completely, and we will discuss your surgical goals and your expectations. We will review in clear terms your options, possible risks, and complications. You need to feel empowered to be a partner in your care and enable a safe, speedy recovery.

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